Tournament & Year End Party

Due to all the rain today, and expected rain in the forecast, the Year End Party will be moved from the Parking Lot party at Boston Pizza, to an indoor location. We will be moving the Party to the Dawson Creek Golf Course Lounge!! Tickets will remain the Same price.

Please Contact Jade Zingre (250-329-6442) or Daneka Hussey (250-219-7693) for tickets. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Please note that the Tournament is to go forward as scheduled. We will only cancel gameplay if the weather dictates to do so.

August 2nd Game Cancelled

Hello everyone, please note and pass on, that there will be NO game tonight, (August 2nd).

This is due to the pooling water on the fields at this early hour, with over 10mm of rain still expected for the day. Please remember that there are no games until August 13th thanks to Rodeo week, and the fields are booked. Thank you for understanding, we will see you all on the 13th. Have a great long weekend!


Hello everyone, here are all the stats for the season so far. Getting everything done has been a little tough with the few Board Members that we still have, are being stretched very thin. We are always looking for new Directors on the Board, to help run the League as smoothly as we can.

Current Schedule & Stats

Please accept our apology, in the late posting of the schedule, as the board members were out of service for the long weekend.

Also, please note that the standings are currently on hold due to several games being rescheduled, and they will be updated once all the rescheduled games are played.

Thank you for understanding!

Soccer Cancelled for May 31, 2019

Good morning players, unfortunately due to the extreme air quality conditions this morning the board has decided to cancel soccer this evening.

We are aware the smoke may clear by this afternoon but we don’t want to take any chances in cancelling the fields on late notice and hope that everyone has time to make other plans this way.

Thank you for your understanding and have a great weekend!